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Geelong Star slips off the radar

The Geelong Star fishing trawler has slipped off the radar on the eve of the Senate Inquiry report being handed down into the operation of ‘supertrawlers’ in Australian waters.

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Community want council elections now

If the results of the Orange By-election tell us anything, it is that rural and regional people in NSW do not accept the forced mergers of their councils or the handpicked council administrators who have been appointed by the NSW government.

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Gundaroo on China and the Asia Pacific

Locals gathered in Gundaroo last Sunday to discuss the future direction of Australia’s engagement with China and the Asia Pacific region broadly, a topic which has been brought to the fore this week with the election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency.

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Centrelink Cuts Cause Delays and Mistakes

The Department of Human Services are struggling to keep up with their workload because of the Abbott/Turnbull government cuts and those who are seeking support from Centrelink are the ones who suffer.

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No Justification for Cutting Paid Parental Leave for New Mums

The Turnbull Government think it’s fair to cut support to new mums in the weeks after having a baby. Their unfair cuts to paid parental leave will mean that around 80,000 new mums each year will be worse off by up to $12,000.

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Better Late Than Never

Labor welcomes the Turnbull Government’s decision to clarify Defence portfolio responsibilities more than 100 days after the election.

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